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Experienced and Reliable

Here at Mushroom Cultures LLC, we have over 17 years of mushroom cultivation experience. In early 2005, we began our journey into the wonderful world of mycology, and we couldn’t be happier with that choice. Growing your own mushrooms is a very rewarding skill to obtain. We discovered that by cultivating your own food, you have greater control over what you are eating, making it a healthier choice. Growing mushrooms is a fun and educational hobby, and some people (like us) even make it their career.

Mushrooms can grow on a wide range of substrates and in a variety of ways. We encourage you to do your research into the mushroom you are looking to cultivate. This makes your purchasing decision more productive, and you will know what to expect.

All of our stock cultures are maintained and tested to provide the best possible mushroom genetics with the most desirable characteristics. Mushroom Cultures LLC offers living mycelium in a few different forms. Liquid Culture Syringes, Colonized Agar Plates, Master Slants, Agar Wedges, and Live Spawn Genetically proven for bio-efficiency and spawn run time, Mushroom Cultures LLC provides clean and healthy cultures for gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultivation.

Experienced and Reliable

Over a decade of experience and a passion for mushroom cultivation make us the smart choice for your mushroom cultures. This is what we do best. Our mushroom cultures are professionally made with pride.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our mushroom cultures are 100% contamination free. Each culture is tested for quality control. If you experience any issues, first please refer to the FAQ section of this website. Feel free to contact us for support.

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